How to manage other hosts of cattle tick

To keep cattle tick out of your herd it is important to make sure that any other animals on your property are not carrying them. Cattle ticks prefer to live on cattle, however, buffalo, bison and deer can also be heavily infested. To prevent cattle tick associated with other hosts from impacting your property you should:

  • Secure boundary fences to stop infested cattle and feral animals from straying onto your property and dropping seed ticks onto the pasture.
  • Include feral deer control in your cattle tick management plan, if they are a problem, and time their control with the cattle tick season.
  • Treat any new animals prior to their introduction to the property.
  • Inspect and treat low risk hosts that share pasture with your cattle. This includes horses, camels, goats, sheep, llamas, vicuña, guanacos and alpacas which may carry cattle tick in low numbers.